Problem with the BluetoothLE extension blocks

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with the BluetoothLE extension. (
Sometimes when I reopen the project, the “Event” blocks shown for this extension are 12 and sometimes 15, and different from each other. The consequence is that when I reopen the project, the blocks are “corrupt.”
What am I doing wrong ?
Thank you very much!

You likely upgraded from an older version of BLE (version <= 2) to the newer version. The internal structure of the extension changed during that transition, and so there are competing definitions in the project. If you attach the exported project here, I can remove the older version of the extension from your project to fix it.

Hi ewpatton,
this is just a simple first example. I tried to do it again from the beginning but the problem remains.
Thanks again.
BLE_VOLTMETRO.aia (237.0 KB)

Open with WinRar your .aia



Excellent, problem solved.
Thank you all.

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