Problem with data in 2 different apps on 2 different real screens

I have 2 apps on 2 different screens, real screens and if I have passed any data to the health care app, it is saved. Until II hit the clear button on the app stopwatch!
I have changed the name of the tinydb as well, but the problem with deleting the data in health care when I press reset in the stopwatch continues.
What can be done to prevent data from being deleted from the health care application?

I used a block to clear all tags after pressing reset. Instead, use blocks to clear tags applied to the timer.

It's a pity that you make applications with our help without even trying to understand how the code works... just look at the blocks in the reset button event to understand what's happening.

In one sentence, you are creating an application that you do not understand and you cannot debug it yourself.

It's time for you to learn to use the TinyDB Name Space


Thank you for your help. I did it.

do you have a specific link i can go to to find out what you are talking about?


That's why I do these things and ask, to find out.
After this question I learned something more.
Thank you for your help.

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