Problem with customwebview

I'm implementing an application with ESP32Cam, but I can't see the cam in APP Inventor, due to an error that appears when I try to display it.
That's the message. "header fields are too long for server to interpret".
I've done all the tips that people commented on some forums, such as changing CONFIG_HTTPD_MAX_REQ_HDR_LEN from 512 to 1024 in sdkconfig and recompile the code, but it didn't work.
I also tried using CustomWebViewer, but I'm managing to implement the code in the app inventor, due to knowing how to place the "stream layout" container. Can anybody help me?

Welcome Reginaldo.

Perhaps this will help. Error on displaying a HTML page of ESP32-CAM IP address - #3 by MS_Production

Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying the exact example mentioned. I'm not able to configure the container fields, why not that object and this "stream layout" and text field "meta name" because it is incomplete. Has anyone ever configured it?

a guess is the meta name should probably be <meta name.... content= "width=device-width" or perhaps <meta name.... content= "width=device-width>"


stream_layout is a horizontal layout that the camera stream will be displayed in.; that probably means you should place a horizontal layout on your Screen and change its name from HorizontalLayout1 to perhaps stream_layout in this case based on the advice in the above link.

Try that and let us know what happens.

"Stream Layout" is a Horizontal Arrangement, to be placed in your App GUI.

you could try this line for meta name:

<meta name='viewport' content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=0.001, maximum-scale=10.0, user-scalable=yes'>

Edit: beaten to it by SteveJG

...the ip global probably has to be the ip of your system, probably not (another guess)

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Guys thanks for the help, but it still doesn't work, even with suggested changes. I'm sending a screen print of the cell phone with the app running and the app inventor block with changes "". Any suggestions? Does anyone have an example that works?

Can you send that HTML to a TextBox, copy-paste it into a plain text file and upload that here.

ChrisWard this HTML that is mounted in customwebview

TextBox1.Text (IP entered in the text box) :81/stream">

I know that - but please help me to help you - I have half a dozen people to help at the same time.

"TextBox1.Text (IP entered in the text box)

That is all I'm asking

The code was being compiled when I submitted it, so it didn't show anything in my answers.

Dear ChrisWard Got it got it

The HTML syntax looks wrong - you can test it here:

ChrisWard Good morning. The html code is really wrong. Do you have an example that has already been tested with the customwebview block?


I already removed the quotes and it didn't work. I would like an example that someone has already tested.

Can you provide an IP address that works with :81/stream or are they all local?