Error on displaying a HTML page of ESP32-CAM IP address

I'm using ESP32-CAM for my project. When its coded with Arduino, it gives an IP address to display the broadcast. I can open it with my PC or a web browser in my phone. But, when I try to connect the IP address in the mobile application made with MIT App Inventor it gives an error.

Error ''Header fields are too long for server to interpret''

Block Code

Arduino Code
esp_code.txt (2.3 KB)


This is a known issue and the problem is literally as per the error message.

Discussion on our old site where Evan Patton explains the issue:

Library that could fix the issue:

Alternatively, you may be able to display the phone's web browser from your App.

Thanks for your response. I hope it'll fix this

To fix the ""Header fields are too long for server to interpret"", do not use default webviewer extension in MIT. Use CustomWebViewer extension instead and follow the codes:

stream_layout is a horizontal layout that the camera stream will be displayed in.

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Thanks for sharing your solution.

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