Problem with Baserow response (can`t decode)

Hi !
Extension Version: 4.1
Date Built: 2022-04-27

I use "GetAllRows" and should be response at .JSON format, but both web.jsonTextDecode and web.jsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries fails to decode.

I think that becouse Baserow :

  • "response" looks like ["{"key":"value",
  • "values" looks like [[value1, value2, value3],[....],[...]].

Normal JSON can`t contain "[", its only operate with "{".

How to use/convert such Baserow responses ?

You sometimes have to use [ and ] in JSON

So the extension is working great. Show your response content and the blocks you use to decode.


For my latest Baserow projects I used this extension from @Juan_Antonio and that makes JSON much more easy to use.