Problem with a Json File

I'm trying to obtain a list from a JSON file.
The JSON file is here :

My blocks are here :

There is no results and I don't understand where is the problem.
Could you help me, please ?

Many thanks.

Your responseContent is not well formed JSON text.
It needs [ ] at file begin and end and ',' between each object and the next, to make it a list of objects.

Use Do It on the output of your JSONTextDecode attempt for confirmation.

  • Convert your text to valid json.
  • Use KIO4_DecoJson extension.

Why do you advise KIO4 extension ? Is not possible to use Web1.JsonTextDecoceWithDictionaries / jsonText / get global my_json ?
Many thanks.

KIO4_DecoJson extension can be a bit complicated to handle, but if you do it right it uses less blocks, in image you get the data of the record whose id is 20110003.
If you prefer to use the JsonTextDecodeWithDictionaries block, I imagine that would be a good option as well.

Another example.
Shows in pretty json all records whose commune is AJACCIO.


commune AJACCIO and marque BP

Here with list: