Problem regarding attaching a text file for reading from app


I have a text file called TeacherList.txt that I uploaded from my computer. How do I put it in this location: /sdcard/appname/TeacherList.txt

I really don't know how to put it in any more detail that this:

I am creating a class routine app for teachers at the school I am teaching at. The goal is simple. Every teacher will be able to view their own routines. I have created separate CSV files for each teacher, and uploaded them. I can read from these files successfully using File1.readFrom.

Now, suppose that my text file's name is Routine_AhmedKhan.txt. I use "//Routine_AhmedKhan.txt" in the file name parameter. What I want to do is store this file in /sdcard/routineapp/Routine_AhmedKhan.txt.

Why I want to do this is because i want to change some text in a file after building the app, but it is not possible to edit the file.

So my question is simply: When I upload a file for the app, can i store it anywhere or is it only retrievable from //FileName.txt?

I cannot understand why you want to store the text file there. Are you going to read it again, the next time you open your app? How do you know that you need to read the local file instead op downloading it?

Anyway, why do you not store the information from the file in a TinyDB?
What happens if the file is changed on the server after you have installed your app?

If the information is being distributed to other teachers by name, wouldn't it make more sense for you to post it online for them, say in Dropbox files, in Google Sheets, or in your own TinywebDB server?