Problem in print

The problem is not the printer used or the application to open the pdf. The problem is the screen size of the device. Kio4 prints as displayed in the device screen size.

Try like this:

When I upload the pdf to google drive I can print this:

I tried your advice. The result is this:

The problem remains as the screen display is printed on pdf.
How can we solve this?

Is there a method or extension to print in A4 without taking into account the screen size of the device?

Not idea? Can I resolve? There is another method?

Little up for help me :slight_smile:

Abandon the PDF and learn to embed PCL5 text markup into your print data stream.

The required ESC character can be made using techniques in articles 1 and 3 at

But I print in pdf not print direct. Is the same?

PDF transformation and direct printing are orthogonal concepts.

  • PDF, PCL, Postscript share the common concept of wrapping text and images with instructions for how the text and images should be presented. You can do your own wrapping, if you read the manual(s) and code the text JOINs.
  • direct printing is irrelevant, since smart printers search their incoming data for markup regardless of how and when the data arrives.
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Hi sorry for the inconvenience, did you manage to solve this problem?

I showed a possible solution....

Isn't there a way to fit it already when it's created?

Not with Juan's extension.

ok thanks and which method should be used to get a more precise pdf file?

I created an app where the user enters values from the keyboard. I want this form to become a pdf file with A4 pages or however the form content has to fit on a page type. Unfortunately with Juan's extension this is not possible; what other method can i use or extension and how is it implemented with mit app inventor?

I did not say that. It is not possible to set the pdf to A4 with Juan's extension. But it will print out as A4 if you use google drive to print from, as I showed above.

Yes, I had tried but I was wondering if there was another faster and more effective way to directly generate the file in A4 format perhaps using another extension or by transferring these fields to google sheet?

I didn't say google sheets either!

Printing the pdf you create in your app through google drive should fill the page (A4) as required.

However, google sheets is a good way to generate a pdf of a layout. This can be done with google apps script.

Could you kindly give me more information on how this can be done with google apps script?

Here is an example from some time ago:

should give you an idea of what is required