Problem in email text with = (using ActivityStarter to pre-compose the email)

Hi, when I send an email with MIT App Inventor, if in
ActivityStater.DataUri ... &body=text123456=789

the email sended has text123456

How I substitute = in text email (= is necessary in my project)

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Please See All Gmail Solutions here :

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Hi @Mimmo_Campagna
You can try wrapping all text in quotes.
For example body="=text1234" or body='=text1234'

It doesn't work, I'm sorry (vknow360)


In this example not function (Salman_Dev)
&body="Insert by=me"

result: "Insert by

Try placing the = in double quotes "="

@Mimmo_Campagna would you like to use extension?

not function

I don't understand

See here:

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     Insert by`=`me

Or to

Insert by = me
Or my final guess which may have more possibilities to win is the below try it please
<p>Insert by=me</p>
The above mentioned is based on html

Thanks but not function both

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I have already looked but nothing

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U can try extension

Can you tell me how?

Search for mail extension
I have searched

Add it to it to app Inventor
In pallet scroll down click extension and it and to use drag and drop it in to screen in blocks u can see block of it

Or this:

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...but this will work :slight_smile:
To send text123456=789 using the ActivityStarter Blocks for an email.

There must be a space following the first join and a space preceding the third join.

The problem seems to be that the ActivityStarter uses the ' = ' symbol as a reserved character.

You can also use equalsSignEmail2 provided you isolate the UriEncode text with spaces (either side).

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(added to FAQ)

Thanks for the help.
For the = the characters are %3D
With GMail its ok, with other client not function.

Thank you for all