Problem in compiling using ewpatton's template

Hi @ewpatton ,
I tried to compile my extension using the template made by you.
I put my java file in folder src and external library in folder lib and tried to compile it but its showing error something like this:

Am i doing something wrong or?

Hello @Amlin,
See this post:

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Seen this post earlier but couldnt figure out what the problem is
I will be very thankful if you help me


You have downloaded the repo but you should clone the repo.

Oh okay .. let me do it ...@vknow360 thanks , i will try and reply. Thanks for your time.

Thankyou @vknow360 and @MohamedTamer for helping. Now its working , but where did i have to put the external library, jar?
would i have to make any folder in lib folder or not for it?
I did something like this:

Just add jar in deps dir.

Its working now. Thanks..

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What is this

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So, you are a decompiler.