[Problem] Google Play App Crash Reports

I have an app in Google Play. Its had been downloaded 3.5K till today. Over 900 active devices. I made a new update and I started to have crash reports in google play console. Over 200 people downloaded/updated app. Here is the screenshot.
What could it be about? Should I resize the images I used in app or should I reorganize screens? reduce num of screens? It has 3 screens now.

Google Play Link:

Specifically, what did you change in the update Turan?

Images. I changed almost every image to catch a better resolution for tablets. But I didnt get over 100kb for each one. But in Screen 3. one image is repeating itself for 9 times for example. I mean same image is being used on the screen 9 times at the same time. In that screen there are a lot of image units. That can be a problem for some devices?

Screen 3

Maybe, but more interesting is, what is the resolution of the images used by the app:
Image.Hight & Image.Width?
And what is the actual size / resolution of the images?

HI @turan,

Each use of an image makes a copy of the image in memory. The size, in bytes, of the image in memory is going to be 4widthheight of the image. This is true regardless of whichever format you store the image in, so even if your images are < 100 kb on disk they may be larger in memory. The more images you add, the more likely you are going to trigger OutOfMemoryErrors on less capable devices.


Let me make a list of the images in Screen 3 which you can see my previous msg.

Home Button : 200x200 (15 kb)
Time Button: 200x200 (10Kb)
Diamonds IMG: 400x131 (36 Kb)
Score IMG: 400x232 (56 Kb)
Best IMG: 400x232 (49 Kb)
Wood Circle: (400x456) (19 KB) (There are 9 of this in the screen constantly)
Footer IMG:(512x128) (66 Kb)

Changing IMG (250x250) (35 Kb) (This one is changing randomly till the end of 60 seconds from a set of 20 images in every 2-3 seconds)

And there is 3 of main count down images before the game starts 3-2-1
They are like 300x300 (70kb)

Do you think its worth to make another update for two devices reporting crashes of over 200 devices?
or you advice me to wait until all other active devices install the update (there are 700 devices which has not installed the update) and then check the crash reports. If there are so many crashes then its better to try something else for example reduce the number of screen or size of the images.
what’d you say guys?

Hi there,

According your reply, If I use 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds in screen 3 then memory size will decrease too without changing the size of images. But there is something that I dont get it. What if the user play this screen again and again, the memory size will get bigger as the user plays? Or It will be equal ust to the total sum of the size of each unique image? Sorry If I couldnt explain my self. Thanks.

For instance, what is the required (defined) resolution in the app for this image?


Connect to Companion and make a right mouse click: “Do it” on the Image.Height & Image.Width block and post the results.

Something like this:


Or post the aia.

I cancelled Screen3. I will carry all the blocks into Screen2. I will use vertical arrangement instead of another screen. Also I started to change all images with smaller ones. Actually I started to use Adobe Illustrator instead of Photoshop. Surprisingly I had better quality images with smaller sizes. I will remove unnecessary blocks (just having problem with clocks. there are more than 8 different clocks.)

I will update the application and test. I will share the results with you guys. Thank you.

The resolution of the image, which are set in the app, should correspond exactly to the actual ones and vice versa:

If you want this resolution (186x120px, like the image is shown in your app) you can / should set it to automatic, otherwise you should resize the image (you uploaded in the assets) to the required resolution. For more details see here:


Rule: Resize images to make them not too large and not too small, but rather, “just the right size”.

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Actually I am trying to arrange the sizes according to screen witdh or height. like this blocks

the original size matters of course.I am trying to keep all of images smaller with a good appearance in a tablet for example. Its almost done. Gonna share when its over. Danke :slight_smile:

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