Problem Editing Text from List Picker selection

hi, so I'm trying to get the text box selection to be editable... so what I have is, when they press the list picker selection, it will show a notification that asks you if you want to delete or edit, if you were to press delete, it would delete the item from the list picker but if the user were to press edit, it should "cancel" out the list picker and show the text/the selection you pressed. Is there something wrong with my code:

.It doesn't work when I test it, and it also "cancels" out the deleting of an item. Can u let me know how I could fix this?

Try like this:

It will be better to do this with a list in a variable than using listpicker elements to prevent the list resetting each time.

Thank you so much!!

hi also is there a way where when it edits, it will edit it and sort of delete the text that wasn't edited after it was edited? I hope that makes sense.

not really... :rofl:

ok sorry, let me rephrase :sweat_smile: So when I edit the text, it saves fine but the text before I edited it,is still there. Does that make more sense?! Is there a way for it to only show the edited text, not the before text?

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