Problem download file from Google drive

Hello friends!

I'm trying to download a file from my Google Drive using the WEB (Get file) block. I download it but only a part, that is, 2.42 mb of the total file. I have tried with the link that google gives you of the file and also with the direct link

Why does this happen? What am I doing wrong?

My blocks...


Because of the file size, google is probably initiating its scan for viruses page, which is what you are downloading (change the extension from apk to html and have a look).

One way around this is to download the file through your web browser (using an extension like webviewextra), the user can then verify the download.

Another way is to just not use google drive, use another hosting service that allows larger downloads, either via http or ftp.

Thank for response...

I see.... :thinking:

that do not work for me. I changed .apk extension for .html in google drive and same result. I tried to use webviewextra but does not work.

I used the @Anke extension InstallApk to download apk and install them, but the same result when I downloaded the file.

I meant the small file that is saved to your device. This is probably an html file.