Problem between replacing YandexTranslate1 with Translator1

I'm pretty sure with the last batch of changes that the server can handle a lot more load. I'm going to remove the IP blocks just to see.

Btw. If you distribute an app to a lot of people, then we would see traffic coming from a lot of different IP addresses. When I see a flood coming from one address, it usually indicates a misbehaving applications.

This heartens me, if Foffero 10 or 20 million users will the server be there?

And how should I do it, I don't even know where to start.
Are you basically telling me that there are other possibilities? How much load will the voice servers be able to withstand and how could I use freezing to do this?
But what does geolocation have to do with voices?
I do not think it is within my reach, without anyone following me in implementing it I see it very difficult.

Should they bear the load, also why and how if someone downloaded any data from a server or not?
Even if they were billions, otherwise the web would not exist.
Or something very technical escapes me, which pemso you will know better than anyone else. Jeff

Little if anything Angelo. 'Localization' is providing an in-app translation of words the developer provides.

All these words mean the same thing:

  • fish
  • fisk
  • pesce
  • fische

Put the words in a List and select a word based on a user's language.
Geolocation usually refers to something else.

Localization techniques use Dictionaries or Lists to provide 'translation' . Is the technique appropriate for your 'game' of not, I do not know.

Not difficult. the link provided shows several different ways to 'localize' and app for several languages.

Sorry, it will all be clear to you or maybe the translation does not translate exactly, did you mention a link?
To me a link is a link to a page, but I don't see any link in your speech.
If, on the other hand, the link referred to:
For me what you wrote is Arabic, I am not a programming expert, imagine that to create my apps, I only use If else, neither loops, nor anything else and then I use blocks found on the net.

I'm maybe good at putting them together and creating apps, of a certain level.

But if you explain to me technical things, I cannot understand, what you are talking about and how to start using your suggestions.

Anyway, thank you, unless you send me a .aia file, with the explanations, then hoping to understand how it works, I could not follow your advice.

I have very high limits, but if you give me pieces of blocks that carry out complete and above all simple to understand operations or in any case you explain to me what they are for and how they work then, I might astound you, putting each piece together.

I started programming with visual basic and then with visual studio .net. and I have always only used pieces of code from others on the net that, put together with something of my own creativity, allowed me to create interesting applications, but if you ask me how I created a certain project, I would not be able to explain it to you after some time, because I don't have memory of what I do, in fact when I create an app I have to bring it to the end if I stop, it's trouble.
excuse the novel. It was just to make you understand.

Of course for the clips I refer to all those in the forum to the advice of all users, who made me learn block programming, making me return the desire to create applications and without their help together with someone from youtube and others on the net, it would have been impossible to make even the most mediocre of apps.

Yes. Sorry, the link failed to post. Here it is How do I create multiple language app?. There are examples and an aia or two.

Do what you got to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks I'm going to see. We hope to understand something.

Now maybe I understand but it seems to me that it refers to giving a name to the buttons in relation to the nationality (location) of the user.

But it has nothing to do with the translation of a text by the user.

To make you understand, my game is based on the knowledge of languages ​​by the players, which could be millions, they have to answer questions, which I insert in the various languages, and they have to translate to understand the question and answer as much as possible. as soon as possible, whoever arrives first of each group will have the opportunity to answer other questions, always in different languages, and so on.

Of course, the game does not play just like this, but I hope I have given you an idea of ​​why I need to translate without bandwidth limitations, as many people as possible, so it could happen that millions of players carry out the translation of the texts received all in the same period of time or on the same day.

That's why I worried about the server, wondering if it could handle such a load.
Otherwise the mnia app would be of no use.

Otherwise if I did not understand I apologize and thank you SteveJG. for trying to help a big head who doesn't understand the simplest things.

Hi Angelo

So you essentially have a list of questions and a related list of answers, both of which are in a range of different languages?


You could then have all your questions and answers stored either in separate CSV files ready to load on demand, or permanently within the App as Block Lists. The App would then be independent of the internet (at least for translations).

You pointed out well, the csv files are full of questions in every language, but the players have to listen to their pronunciation that's why you need the translator.

.......... you need text to speech for that, not the translator?

Exactly I thought it was understood, I had written that there could be many who use the translator, I think I also understand the vowel in the term.

Maybe because I always use the vowel and the translator and therefore sometimes I do not clarify well because I take it for granted.

Hi, this message appears to me Usage Over Quota.
How many requests can be made with Translator1?

We have not defined a quota per se. What are you doing? Your account was manually blocked because its usage was excessive, costing us between $10 - $20 per day. As a free service, we cannot absorb this level of cost from one account!


I have a translator that has many downloads, but I think I have to remove it or find another translation service

Most of the requests came from only two IP addresses.