Problem between replacing YandexTranslate1 with Translator1

Great, thank you all, we hope for the best that everything goes well.

Good morning to all those whose day is day and good evening to all the others.

Now take 4-5 seconds to translate
He has some problem with personal names.
But even if it stays at 4 seconds it will always be better than 7 or 20.
Congratulations and thank you if it goes down a few more seconds I will inform you.

Hi Angelo

Not sure that was achieved at the MIT end, Jeff would have announced it. Possibly your PC is much cooler in the morning? Your Broadband speeds are OK, so long as you are not sharing it with other demanding programs such as movies (and not sharing it with other people).

What you can do is to clear your browser cache and delete old history. Only use Firefox or Chrome.

Thanks Chris, but my pc can't change habits overnight.

I carry out the operation of reset of the case almost every two days, I have a firewall and I clean not only the cash but everything that is superfluous in the pc every 30 minutes, because for some time, strange things were happening to the pc and some of my files. threshing floor disappeared.

I also change Ip every 2 hours, since I use this way of operating nothing has happened anymore, at least I hope for what I can see.

I use Firefox and Chrome.

I only use Appinventor I do not open other windows or watch movies, when I am at the PC, I spend all my hours programming and I am very careful about what I do.

Maybe it's not my pc that's cooler in the morning, but maybe there are fewer connections to the server. of the voices.

I was about to write anyway, that I went back to 7-10 seconds.

Just tested here on a chromebook with companion, response is @ 4 seconds.

Actually, I was right, I hadn't noticed that my IP was left in the image. Quiet anyway, my ip is safe, at least for the moment, it has already changed from what you saw in the image.
Thanks again, for letting me know

Hello TIMAI2, good day to you too.
Yes to me too, sometimes for 4 seconds but not always, as I have scirtto it also reaches 7 or 10.

At this point we are all waiting for Jeff to inform us A to hear from us and thanks again to everyone.

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I have just installed a new version of the translation proxy server. This version should avoid the 502 errors. It should also be a little faster. However, one issue we are facing is that one user is pounding us with many transactions per second, most of which are not cached. This is both slowing the server and costing us $$$.

I'm pondering whether to block them or see if I can install a rate limiter of some kind. I'm also not sure if it is from one literally user, or if they built an app which is now widely deployed so that the transactions are coming from many individual users of the app!


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I found that two IP addresses were responsible for most of the traffic. I have blocked them.


The right thing to do. Will be interesting to see if a Topic is raised about an App working for some Users but not others.... :grin:

Yep. I'm waiting to see. I also know the email address of the author of the project.

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I've just pushed up another update. This update should speed things up. Some of the bookeeping, like updating caches and stats, were happening "in line" (as in while you waited). I now do these things in the background so they shouldn't hold up returning results.


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Awesome. "Guys", you are very special, and you are all really good.
Everything works great great Jeff. Thank you.
2 seconds but in reality it is a second or little more, because there are timers that must perform their cycle and they are 4 set to 150 cents. of a second from each other. Optimal.

I have a doubt, but if I create a game that needs many users to translate, I practically could not do it, reading about the problem created by either a user or many users.
If this is not possible, then how can you solve the problem without taking too many servers?

perhaps you can use "localization" methods to avoid using Translator for everything.

I'm pretty sure with the last batch of changes that the server can handle a lot more load. I'm going to remove the IP blocks just to see.

Btw. If you distribute an app to a lot of people, then we would see traffic coming from a lot of different IP addresses. When I see a flood coming from one address, it usually indicates a misbehaving applications.

This heartens me, if Foffero 10 or 20 million users will the server be there?

And how should I do it, I don't even know where to start.
Are you basically telling me that there are other possibilities? How much load will the voice servers be able to withstand and how could I use freezing to do this?
But what does geolocation have to do with voices?
I do not think it is within my reach, without anyone following me in implementing it I see it very difficult.

Should they bear the load, also why and how if someone downloaded any data from a server or not?
Even if they were billions, otherwise the web would not exist.
Or something very technical escapes me, which pemso you will know better than anyone else. Jeff