Problem between replacing YandexTranslate1 with Translator1

Problem between replacing YandexTranslate1 with Translator1

I read the comment where the problem seemed solved, but it doesn't happen to me.
I have installed and replaced YandexTranslate1 with Translator1 and the translation as well as being very slow sometimes even 14 seconds, often gives me error page 502 Bad Gateway.

While if I continue to use the previous YandexTranslate1 the translation happens almost immediately.
I don't use companion but direct usb.

How large is the text you are translating?

Sometimes just my name and sometimes no longer than 35 characters.

I continue to carry out tests, one of these made me understand, that if I do not eliminate the old, the new ones make us wait all that time.
I had kept them for safety.
Now I have eliminated them, but from 14 seconds we have gone down to 7, before as I said it was almost immediate.
Unless there are problems on the server.

Nothing to do, I have not solved anything now it took 20 seconds and gave me an error on this sentence: Antonio how are you

Hi Angelo

Do you mean you connect your Android device with your PC via USB? You use that method to test your App how - as an APK?

I can imagine a person's name will be a problem for some Translators - best to avoid names in the text to be translated if possible.

Frequently requested strings are cached by the server, so even 7 seconds seems a bit much unless you're requesting a lot of strings at the same time. What is the speed of your internet connection?

..also, tell us the purpose of the translations in your App. What exactly are you translating - prompts, messages, titles - that kind of thing?

Hi Chris, but I have been writing all surnames for months and such a thing has never happened, only since I changed from old to new.
After having done this test, I went back to the old ones again and now it does the same thing to me also with the old ones, while if I take the .aia file, 4 months old and upload it, the translation is immediate.

As I wrote I have only and always carried out the translation on very short sentences but even if I write ok it does the same.
Not before.
Isn't it possible that only me will there be someone else who will cpaiterà?

It could be an internet issue - your Broadband supplier may have problems, mine has this week and App Inventor really suffers.

Please reply to my other questions.

...but what are those for? Are they permanent in the App or are you translating input by the App User?

Translated phrases:

  1. my name is angel trad = english
  2. my name is angel trad Itlaiano
  3. hi how are you
  4. Ok
  5. hello
    But as I told you it is the first time that the translation behaves in this way, also as I wrote to you, if I upload the 4 months old file everything is fine so it is not a network problem.

They are just for me for some translation situations.
But I've always done it for months for almost 10 12 hours a day.
Of course not only for the phrases but also for other things. they are not permanent within an App, they are User input.

I guess a user can write and translate frequently and so I need to know if free translation will always be fine, but of course, it also serves to try something else.
But all this has nothing to do with it, first everything was fine whatever I did. or write.

No they are not permanent

Like I said unless it's a translation server problem. I'll wait a few days and I'll be able to tell you.
Meanwhile, I continue to do tests after tests.

I hope that if I don't find the solution, someone else can.

Besides, I've made so many changes to the app, that I can't even take the threshing floor that works and revolutionize the whole app. copying all the blocks.
Really nice problem.
I leave you and thank you for your always ready help.
Good evening at least for Italy.

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There is a bottleneck in the server, which I am looking into. I'll send an update when I know more about what is going on, or hopefully to announce that I fixed it!


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