Possible solution for windows 10/11 emulator

I think I found a solution to use a real-time emulator on windows 11, but I would need the MIT AI2 Companion Apk from an official source from MIT itself. I even found possible apk's for download on sites like Apkure, Updown among others, but I'm not an android programmer despite having some knowledge in the area. So, can you tell me some official MIT site where I can download this apk to carry out the connection tests on my machine and later, if everything works out, post my possible solution for the emulator here?
Thanks in advance for any help and I also apologize for the text, as I'm not fluent in English so I resorted to an online translator.

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This link is available through AI2->Help->Companion Information.

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i use bluestacks. On bluestacks is google play, where you can download ai2 companion

Install an browser to emulator with play store or other app store (if there isn't a browser installed) then download apk file from link then install it

Thank you very much

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