Pollution API measure pollution can add in app inventor

IS THERE any API'S to measure pollution can add in app inventor
or any extension can add to pollution app to measure pollution in water or air
can help

WeatherAPI.com allows you to get air quality data.

Hi @Elham_Ali, Well Openweather have a FREE subscription.
In the FREE subscription ALSO have ( Air Pollution API

Go to a free and subscribe.

There are a lot of tutorials to take json or xml files from OPENWEATHER, so this could be easy to use it.
That's about AIR POLLUTION.

FOR WATER. It's another thing.
You must search it by yourself. Because there are a lot of toxic wasted materials... and they degrade in many ways...
I say it because i am geologist, and i work with that.

My comment. It's only a comment, take or leave it.
Check yourself, with a ESP32, STM32 or Arduino device. Also could be a Raspberry pi or another SBC and take what DO YOU NEED TO TAKE or CHECK.
In water we can go from Arsenic, nitrates, and a lot of salts, to cafe, or detergents, and the work could be very difficult to describe in an APP, because you can search a lot of things.
In Air is more simple.

I hope this could be point you in a good direction.