PocketCalc - An Open-Source Calculator

Hello There, Today I am showcasing a very new app called PocketCalc! It is a fast calculator and has many advantages over regular AI2 Calculators.

Name : PocketCalc

Advantages :-

  • Multiple Operators Support

  • BODMAS Support

  • Easy to use & Fast Results

  • No Internet Required

  • No Extensions Used

Credits :-

  • @TIMAI2 : For providing the code to split items (On their website)

  • Me : For the coding and testing

  • MIT/Google : For creating App Inventor

Downloads :-

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Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Nice Calculator. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I liked it. It would be nice if you give some screenshots :wink:

Very nice but try to improve your ui

Yes, UI is the thing I was not very good at in App Inventor. Do you have any suggestions on improving over it?

Yes, some suggestions or examples would be helpful :slight_smile:

Nice Work getting the logic right :+1:
Recognition of brackets could be an improvement

PocketCalc.aia (16.6 KB)

Yes I am already working on brackets.

I think building a keyboard would make the programming and use of the calculator a lot easier. You wouldn't need to split, many actions could be done just by pressing the operator button. It would also prevent typing letters and operators other than / and *.

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Good News!
I have completed 3/4 of the next update, you can expect the work to be done any time next week as this the most difficult and crucial part of the code.