Please Help with Webview

Please is there anyway I can create a web app to upload files with Webview please tell me the steps thak you

@michal_popoola See here on how to post:

Please include a more complete description of what you want to do. Maybe add an example .aia, some blocks, DETAILS, and more information.
See here as an example post:

You are not very specific in what you want. Remember, we can only help you based on how well you communicate your problem/needs. The better and more detailed your post is, the better we can asess your problem, how to fix it, etc.

The general answer to your general post is yes.

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cut long story short
added webview in
trying to click upload /download it is not working

Created it with MIT app inventor.
also ticked location and ignore SSL
but it seems not to work with the site uploading , i do not know what to do ,please kindly help me and fix it , i will really appreciate.
clicked upload not working

The built-in webview in App Inventor has no access to the android file system.

You may have more luck with the Custom WebView extension by @vknow360

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