Please Help, runtime errors!

Hello, I'm trying to make a simple app, that displays some basic info about my battery and most importantly send me a notification when I have low battery. For testing purposes I am trying to make it send me the notification when I have 85%. However, when I downloaded the app in my phone. The following Runtime Errors are displayed. Please tell me what I've been doing wrong and how to fix it. My phone has Android 10. Thanks a lot! By the way, I downloaded the extentions from here: [FREE] Notification Style: extension with various types of notification And here:

Screenshot_125 Screenshot_126

perhaps if you fill in the empty Blocks?


If your application blocks look like the picture above, then the blocks are incomplete. You must replenish all the expansion block inputs. Additionally, you have a lot of red bugs. See examples of using the extension, where you downloaded the extension.

Well, what do I have to fill them with?
Thanks for your reply though!

I will once I understand what I have to put there haha.
Oh I see! Thanks!

You must ask the developer of the extension for examples of how to use the extension.
The topic with the description of the extension also includes a sample .aia project. Download it and import it into appinventor, then maybe you can learn how to use the extension.

Thankfully, I managed to work everything out. Thanks a lot for your effort. However, the notification only gets send if the app is running. I'm trying to use a KeepAlive service, but I can't make it work... Any tips on that?