Please help me in this project (track a bus location and show it on a Map)

Please help me in this project.
AIM: Please help me in the driver and the parent page. Can you please help me so that the driver is continuously sharing the location and the parent can track the locationGaruda.aia (270.8 KB)
I am sorry I am making you do the whole thing but I am trying from a lot of time but not able to do so

You have to use the driver page and the Parent page

Hello Aryan

We can only try to answer any questions you put to us, we are not here as a free project coding service.

I loaded your file into App Inventor but cannot peruse it because we seem to have a glitch on the MIT Server right now.

Your images are very attractive but they are tightly compressed which is not good on Android - please see my website:

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MIT Server is back up and running :grin:

A quick look shows you are not switching screens correctly. It is good that you have a Selection Screen. Each of the other Screens should return the User to the Selection Screen:

Snap1 :heavy_multiplication_x:

Snap2 :heavy_check_mark:

Generally, with the exception of the screen switching, images (images are dimensionally oversize too) and using Arrangements for "padding" (do not do this!) your Project looks well defined.

So many Screens though - unnecessary even if you were using Virtual Screens. Most Industries, the software industry included, have a mantra for good design: KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Fix the issues I have highlighted. Then show us an area of code that you have trouble with. My colleague SteveJG is an expert on all things location.

Thanks for the reply.@SteveJG My issue is that I am supposed to be constantly sending location from one screen typically accessed by drivers and then Should display it on a map on a screen typically accessed by the parents. I have been trying but its not happening.
Instead of updating my project can you please provide me the blocks of code separately for the 2 screens so that I can directly apply and make the changes
I would have troubleshooted my problem but this is urgent and has to be submitted by monday.
Please understand my problem and help me fix my issue.

Thanks in advance

Sure will make these changes!


There is no guarantee that Steve will be available over the weekend, we are volunteers, helping when we can.

I may ask for some extension from my teacher but can I be helped by Tuesday/Wednesday at least? I am so sorry but my marks lies in this

Thanks for the quick reply!

I actually don't know, but I can say that we always help as soon as we can. I think your App would perform better had you defined it with Virtual Screens but you would need to decide if you could do that in time.

I would think about scrapping the Splash Screen, that is somewhat unfashionable now and just wastes available memory.

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I am sorry I will surely work more on the project after the submission and make the following changes. But now I don't seem to have much time before monday .Talking about the splash screen its one of the things mandatory and cannot be removed.

Thanks for the advice @ChrisWard !!

Made the change!Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 6.21.26 PM

That applies to all the Screens of course. :sunglasses:

Uh oh. An app like this

  • is made using a common map screen. You use an ActivityStarter to provide a map. Using an AS Google map ordinarily is a good idea. When you switch screens, it is not. I would use the Map component. Can the AS map be used successfully like you are trying? Sorry, I don't know, never tried.

  • constantly sending a location is possible provided what you mean by constantly. The LocationSensor/gps requires somewhere between 20 to 30 seconds to achieve a satellite fix to determine where the Android is located. Update more frequently and you will have issues; especially because you are using the CloudDB and it takes time to update the shared database . Your app is presently using a TimeInterval of 10000 ms (10 seconds); entirely impractical and doomed to failure. Try 30000 ms.

  • an alternative to using a CloudDB is to use a Web component with a Google sheet. Is it better? In some ways but certainly is more difficult to code.

  • if your goal is to track the whereabouts of the bus, this app can be very simple. If you attempt to track the whereabouts of individual students, it becomes a complex exercise.

I'll look to see of I can find an example showing a simple way to show a 'common' map using the CloudDB. It might take a while. I will try to post something in the next few hours.

The following examples do some things similar to what you seem to want to do. Both of them use a single Screen.

This example shows how to use the Map component and the LocationSensor to display a map.

This example uses a locationsensor, map and CloudDB

Hope you make your deadline. :wink:

Here is an excellet tutorial by Romin showing how to work with bus routes using FirebaseDB. It can be duplicated for use in a CloudDB by substituting the Firebase control blocks with the CloudDB comparable blocks


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Thanks a lot! made the changes and submitted my app as well. You guys are super amazing! :+1: :+1: :+1: Thanks a lot!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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