Please Help About Scan QR for Attendance

Please help me,

i made attendance app based on video: Create QR Scan Attendance APP using APP Inventor | Google AppScript | Google Sheets - YouTube
but when I run it an error appears, just like in the picture I tried to find an answer to the error but couldn't find it, before I managed to follow the video.

What about show your relevant blocks here.
People have to watch the video then help you? And there are others who can not access to Youtube, like me.

For Google Sheets support, see

This is your error message

Sorry, unable to open the file at this time. Check the address and try again.


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if iam opened in browser with copy-paste address from block is function

and this my block:

now the information display is: "Page Not Found", but if iam type in browser not a problem.

In the browser you are not using a Post request... so why are you using it in App Inventor? What is the url? Use it together with a Get request


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