Player don't support aac+ streaming?

Hi guys, I've i made a play radio app but it can't play an aac+ streaming (160 kbps). It's a player limit? Do you have any suggestions?


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Sorry but I could not understand what you wanted to say.

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Hi Deepti, I'm testing a simple app that play a web radio streaming, with the media component "player". All work fine if, in the source to text string, I'm insert an mp3 adress streaming url. If I try with an aac+ streaming url, the app crash with the error "702: ENABLE TO PREPARE...". :thinking:

Search the forum.

Hi Anke, I tried to look for a solution in the forum, but I could not find it. :pensive: Thanks anyway.

What about this:

No issues at all (Player component or TaifunPlayer ext):

Supported media formats of the Android MediaPlayer: