Does Player support .m3u stream files?

I am trying to make a stream into a .apk and I get sound errors. The stream ends in.m3u. Is there anyway to convert it if the file is not supported?

I found out how to source the file format from the streaming site, which means my .m3u is now playable with a .AAC extension in player works but needs some tweaking.

App Inventor delegates the opening of the URL to the underlying system APIs. We don't really do any special handling of the content based on the URL's extension (if any). If the particular version of Android doesn't support .m3u files, it won't play.

I figured it out and it now plays now the challenge is to get it to play in the background.

Show your blocks, so that others can learn from it.

What does background mean in this context:

  • Idle (sleep, screen off) mode or
  • screen not visible (after pressing the device home button) or
  • after closing the app?

I used a program called VLC media player to decode the actual m3u source audio file.

I entered the url stream source and on the above pitcture which shows the actual audio file URLwith the actual audio file extension, which I then copied and it worked.

I copied to the end of the file extension .aac and entered it into source URL stream


I will show all the blocks when I have it looking pretty, wooot woot.

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