Play sound if certain thing happen

hallo i want to play a sound when like label 4 is bigger than number 0.3 play sound until it end I've tried doing it but its not working idk why



Sound component reproduces only some seconds....if your mp3 is longer then use Player component.

my sound is 4 seconds

can you show the rest of your blocks or maybe share the aia ?

hamada_copy(1).aia (4.8 MB)
the code is in fitness screen

and have you checked that walkSteps are not 0?

the code is for calories burned i checked that in the comp but it didnt play sound when it was bigger than 0.3

It works for me with the 7th step (when the condition is fulfilled):

oh I'm using an iOS comp maybe that the issue

It seems both components are already implemented in IOS:
Does App Inventor Run on iOS Yet?

Maybe you can test it here:

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You should mention this at the beginning and also in the topic category.

It works fine also on iOS.

This restriction of the Sound component seems to apply only to Android.

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ah, thank you Anke, I didn't know it.

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