Ping IP address in App Inventor


Do anyone know if or how its possible to Ping an static IP address or DNS? Is it possible with the built in features or do I have to use an Extension (which one?)

I have several IP addresses and DNS names I need to ping, and would like to do that with an app built with app inventor.

Thanks in advance for any info or guidance

With this extension you can ping.

ping -c 3

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Thanks! that was it :slight_smile:

I got some work to filter that respons, but I think I'll manage.

Thank you Juan

Hi again.
It looks like I cant ping DNS names (computernames) . Is that right?

Create a dictionary or list,, eqp1, eqp2...

I need to ping the DNS name because they are using DHCP, and I dont know the IP.

ping -c 3

try change ip address dns local in your android device

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