How do I find machines on my wifi network?

Tengo varios ESP8266-01 con una serie de sensores y reles.
El problema que tengo es que no sé ips tienen para conectarme a ellos.
¿Cómo puedo encontar las maquinas que tengo en mi red wifi?


Try with Ping

You would need to know the ip address to ping I believe. I don't think they know the ip addresses.

Been a while since I worked with esp boards but If I remember correctly you can set a static ip on each board in the code. Then when it comes to the app you can just set a buttons or use a list to change between boards by changing through the ip addresses you set.

Or if they are all on and you want to know their current ips and what devices are on you network look up something called nmap.

The problem comes when I change the wifi network. At that time I will not know what the IPs are or what the network I connect to is like (example: 192.168. * Or 192.130. * ...).

To find out the parameters of the wifi network you are connected to, use this extension:

Changing the network creates a new problem. For the esp board to connect to the network you need to have the ssid and the password in the code on the esp boards (again, as far as a remember) . So unless you reprogram it each time you change network I am not sure how it will work.

As for finding information about the WiFi network your connected to then the extention mentioned by Patryk_F above looks like it what you need.