Picking an image and copying it to ASD

I'm trying to avoid using ImagePicker to overcome its limitation of 10 files.

I've used the ActivityStarter method as described in:

After getting the URI, I've translated/transformed it to a file path.

I've tried copying this selected file to the ASD using:

  1. AI file component.
  2. Taifun file ext.
  3. Sunny Gupta ext.

I've tried everything I can, using Scope, checking existence first, relative and full path, with single/double/triple "/".

My mobile has Android 11 installed
I know there are many posts and discussions regarding storage and permission etc, please don't point me to these, as I've already tried my best to find an answer. (Note, I'm checking my solution with apk installation only, no need for companion solution)

  1. Can someone please provide with the required blocks/logic?
    Again, I'm just trying to do what the ImagePicker does.
    The ImagePicker does this without asking for any permission, but I've tried asking for permissions as well.

  2. I read that for Android >= 10, an app can't access the shared scope, only ASD.
    So how do commercial apps (e.g. Telgram) creates and uses a dedicated directory under /storage/emulated/0 ? (i.e. not in ASD)

Thanks a lot,

Show your blocks (and a test aia).

No problem with all (1 - 3), not even on Android 11.

Thank you for your attention.

I've build 2 tests.

Test 1:

Try_ImgPick.aia (36.0 KB)

Result (Screen shot):

Try2_ImgPick.aia (36.0 KB)


I appreciate your help,

for the first solution I would try to start the relative path with a slash...

for the second solution I would try to first ask for READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in Screen.Initialize using the AskForPermission method...


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1st: Added a slash, still fails

2nd: Added the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE request -> Success!

I still would like to understand how the ImagePicker does this without permission?
And how commercial apps creates and uses a dedicated directory?