Photo Gallery not updated

When copying photo in DCIM/subfolder and trying to update the gallery using @Taifun Tools extension; my photo is not shown in Phone Gallery.

I followed @Anke instructions in: Camera & timer & save - #42 by Program_maker but did not succeed.

The photo is properly copied:

and I also see it when connecting my phone to my PC and browsing the folder:

The Gallery is updated only if I reboot my phone

I checked

Try to use a timer (100 or 200ms) for the .GalleryRefresh method.

Using a timer does not help, I still havethe sale issue:

Where does the Text_Image.jpg come from. If this is a picture taken with the Camera, when was it taken?

I checked it (.GalleryRefresh method) on several test devices (Android 5-13) some time ago. It worked fine on all of them.

Test_Image is a photo taken using ProCamera

Here is my aia Test Application:
Test_Camera_Save.aia (136.3 KB)

The files are very large... around 12MB... did you try a larger timer interval for the clock?


You MUST use an absolute path for @Taifun's .GalleryRefresh method !
(not a relative and also not a full path):

I have pointed this out on occasion in the past.

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Using absolute path fixes the problem :grinning:
Thank you very much
@Taifun Would be good to add that absolute path is required in the documentation: App Inventor Extensions: Tools | Pura Vida Apps


I told him exactly this via PM.
So close this topic by clicking on Solution.

Great, that it worked for you
Will update the documentation soon...
I now set this thread as solved



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