Personal Image Classifier error -1

I've train a model,
on the PC it work well.
but in AI companion, every time i've got an error -1 what does it mean ?
i'm in picture mode with the AIA and procedure done here :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the extension
Best regards

Error -1 typically means that your phone doesn't support running TensorFlow.js in an embedded webview. Have you tried a site like in Chrome on your device and does it run well?

Hello thanks for you're answer
on my device (tab3 7 essential) when i click on let's play
it show just loading and loading nothinbg more.
maybe it don't support tensorflow.js
are there something to do ? update android or something ?

What version of Android does your device run and what version of Chrome do you have installed?

It's Chrome 85.0.4383.127
Android 5.0.1

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the WebGL2 functionality required by TensorFlow.js might only be available on Android 7 and higher.

Does this page show a spinning cube?

Try also:

my tablette won't support webgl2, it say i have to update
so i'm doing it actually.
i will tell if it work. it take a lot of time
Thanks a lot

know my tablet is updated.
but webgl2 is not supported ...
i think there is nothing more to do.
thanks a lot for all

There is something you can do Karl; see this AI and classify picture . If you want to play with the Image Classifier, Tim has shown it runs in the free genemotion emulator. Load the emulator on your PC and genemotion should allow you to use the AI.

That suggests to me that your tablet GPU doesn't support OpenGL ES 3.0, which is needed for WebGL 2.0. You'll have to explore another route, such as the emulator option.

Thanks you every body for all

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