People's Choice Awards

You can now vote for the People's Choice Award of our Appathon 2022. The voting ends on Sunday Aug 7th.


There are sooo many entrants, it's a struggle to get through them all.

Next year it would be good if participants also have to upload a couple of screenshots of the app.


Note that the entries are randomized to try and spread out the load and preventing ordering biases.

This is certainly something we will consider.

Screenshots would be very good - the videos vary considerably, partly because some have expensive kit to record with. Rather than huge pre-ambles, would it be easier to digest if instead the contestants could supply a maximum 10 bullet points?

I noticed that there are some very young (7 - 10 years) entrants - for their age, their Apps are pretty good but the older students generally make Apps with more oomph. Perhaps there could be an age category for the very young?

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