People's choice (2022)

how can i vote and where

Here is waht was discussed about the same in the Appathon 2021.

Edit: Link for People's Choice (2022) is People's Choice Submissions - MIT App Inventor Appathon 2022

Link to vote a app is yet to be provided with the apps listed under the People's Choice Submission, as I just selected a random app from the People's Choice Submissions - MIT App Inventor Appathon 2022, I can not find the link to submit/like/vote a App.

I think it will be there in some time.

Edit: It's available now..


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how cani get to know my votes before 8 august

We don't reveal any counts during the voting period.

when can we expect to get results for the people's choice award?

Most probably, along with the final result.

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it is august 9 ididn't get the finalists list

AOE means Anywhere on Earth time, which is UTC-12. :slight_smile:

means in 2 hours right

Just be patient, the results will be available when they are ready.

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[for 1200 hours UTC]

There is no precise time mentioned. Just

So just be patient. @game_loops stop spamming this topic.

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Sorry, I was curious.

It is there, you can have a search for yourself there.

...with best wishes.

So who won the people's choice award?

Please see Results | MIT App Inventor Summer Appathon