PC Laptop Issue

Does not sound great!

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What's your issue can you explain about it , we have an official number removed by mod you should talk and solve your laptop matter ,

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No personal info on the community please.

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Who are "we" Lary?


Atlast it is fixed. I will get it after 4 days.

They changed the HardDisk for this problem.

They changed the Keyboard for the screeching problem.

They upgraded my PC Software to Windows 11. (It was Windows 10 previously.)

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...well, that's practically a new machine! :grin:

Not sure I would call that an upgrade :joy: The best Windows OS is currently 7 pro, XP was good, as was 3.1. All the others - blah! By far the majority of my Windows based customers (engineering industry) are still on 7, but unfortunately some are now on 10 so I have to use it occasionally -it's possible to strip 10 down to make it close to 7.

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