Parse an xml a special element with the same name

I have the following xml file:

I want to parse the first var and there in data the first forecast and in the second var I will need in data also the first forecast.
I have tried the following code:

But I will get the following error:

I hope somebody can help me how I can get the first var/data the first forecast and in the second var/data also the first forecast.
The result should be: 6 and 16
Hope somebody can help me
kindly regards

Is that xml, or a picture of xml?
How could we test against a picture?

Here the complete xml:
xml.txt (4.0 KB)

Here is an xml browser with your file pre-loaded through Media.
When it loads, hit the XML button to parse the xml using lists.
(It crashes when trying to parse it into dictionaries.)
The ListView will be ready for you to navigate, starting from the outermost list heading inwards.
Select list items to head towards the 6 and 16.
Remember the SelectionIndex you picked each step of the way, and
use those in a sequence of select list item steps.
(I got 14 steps deep.)
browse_XML_V4.aia (11.4 KB)
XML tour terminal

Thanks for your answer and help.
When I press the xml button I will get the following result:

Hope you can still help me.
kindly regards

Looks like you are looking for the location tag twice.

Thanks for the answer.
I post the wrong picture. Also when delete it I will get the same error.
I think the problem is, that there exist more than one var in the xml file.
kindly regards

I want aks if somebody can still help me here with this problem.
I cannot find any solution.
kindly regards

I am starting to see a pattern.
You stop reading after the second sentence?

Thanks again for the answer.
Sorry for that. I am not very good in English therefore I don’t understand what you mean and how I can test correct your example.
May you can informe again how I can search for the first var/data the first forecast.
Where can I insert the searching xml elements and can get the same result as you have posted
Value and 6.
Hope you can help me again.
Kindly regards

I improved my XML browser utility to show the choices taken (path) to the 6 and to the 16, and posted it here ...

Your xml will require both lookup in pairs blocks and select item from list blocks, depending on the step along the path.