An XML Browser, with path display

This is a sample app to use to help navigate deep XML or JSON text.
A sample xml.txt file is pre-loaded in the Media folder, or you can use its Web component to get more data to parse.

As you click on its ListView, the path you have taken is built up and displayed, step by steps.
The path Label displays the choices made. When pair lookups are encountered, the key to the pair is shown in the path, usually a text value. When a list item selection is made from non-pairs, the list index is added to the path.

To reproduce following a path in your blocks, code a sequence of either lookup-in-pairs blocks or select-item-from-list blocks using the keys or list indices shown in the path label.

Sample run:
Capture01Startup Capture02LoadXML Capture03 Capture04 Capture05 Capture06 Capture07 Capture08 Capture09 Capture10 Capture11 Capture12 Capture13

Source: browse_XML_V5.aia (14.2 KB)

Interesting blocks:

browse_JSON browse_XML global BrowseItems global BrowseThis global SelectionStack global Source global StackDepth is_a_pair path showDepth
when btnXML Click
when Notifier1 AfterChoosing

Sample movie:


That’s nothing short of brilliant ABG. A very handy tool in itself and educational.

Thank you.

Feel free to use it to help people lost in their XML or JSON woods.