Parse a json list

I have a json file:
and need the temp and description of the third line.
I have tried the following code:

But I will get the following error:
Hope somebody can help me there.
kindly regards

…And then you select item 2 …

(Your answer is in the third step of the above 6 step procedure.
Unfortunately, like you did with your variables, I overwrote the steps onto each other.)

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Thanks for the answer but I don’t understand your solution.
What do you mean to select item 2 and which third step do you mean.
Hope you can still help me again.
Kindly regards

I will answer you one step at a time, and wait for you to satisfy each step before giving you the next step.

Step 1:

Learn to use the Do It facility of AI2. Show us how you know it.

Thanks for your answer.
I can use Do it when I use the right button of any block.
Here an example.

Also I change in the loop temp and main but I have still problem to find the correct temp.
kindly regards

I have also tried to use the xml file.
Here the xml: forecast_xml.txt (19.0 KB)
Here my code:

But I will get the following errormessage:

Hope somebody can help me.
kindly regards

unit temperature value

Init 7 global variables with the names in these images:

  • weatherdata
  • forecast
  • time
  • reading_index
  • temperature
  • temperature_unit
  • temperature_value

Thanks for your solution.
I will test it with your code.

I have find a solution with xml:

For me in the meantime it is fine.
kindly regards