Parrot SpeechRecognizer tutorial - controlling a robot car

Thanks for the great job.
do you have any code for the application of Parrot? like voice-control car kind of?

my phone was working with MIT APP well, this said no app to open this file, any thing special on it?

The tutorial shows what the developer can do to control something with a voice command. The pertinent code is

which shows how to turn a Button red or blue using a voice command of 'turn button red' and 'turn button blue'.

Nothing specific. You can make a voice-controlled car work with any Procedures you use to command a car using Buttons or Procedures using a voice phrase of your choice.

If you have a Procedure for making the car start; call a START Procedure; to make it stop, call a STOP Procedure to make it stop.

Use a command like 'car start moving' or 'car stop moving as may be appropriate. You have to write the Procedure and call Procedure START or STOP in the 'then' block.

I don't understand Adam. The example aia can be compiled to produce an apk on your phone or run using Companion with the example aia in the Parrot tutorial HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things . To make an app to control the robot; the developer has to write the code to operate (start, stop, turn right, turn left etc.) there are examples of how to do that made by others. Here is a simple one others say works DIY smartphone robot using simple electronics (no arduino / micro controller)