[PAID] Onesignal Push - Implement Onesignal Push in your apps

Onesignal Push

Hello everyone, This extension allows you to implement Onesignal in your app with the latest SDK v4.8.3. Onesignal is the most reliable and popular push notification platform for android and other devices. This extension allows you send push notification to the android devices with all onesignal latest features.

All Blocks


Documentation of the extension has been listed here:



You must have to initialize the onesignal before doing anything.


When the user will be subscribed this event will be raised..

Then you can test sending notification to yourself or anyone.

That's all you have to do for setting up the Onesignal in your apps.


This extension works in all AI2 distros(Tested in AI2, Kodular and Niotron with android 12, 11, 10, 9, 7).


For India :- ₹1000
Outside India :- 18$

How to buy :
You can buy this extension from AI2 Store
Deep Link for AI2 Store : Click here

Note: This extension is created with jar so in app messaging of Onesignal is not possible with this extension.


Thanks @shreyash for the super power full Rush .

This extension may have many bugs, so test it as you can and report me every bug so I can fix it to make it more reliable for you.

Thanks you
Sumit​ :wink: