Hi, I found in youtube that another new developer updated/modified the extension that we use in mit app for sending push notifications to users. Anybody tried it? Please, share the feedback to me

The extension was not working in past. But, this developer modified it in such a way that it works fine (he is explaining in this video.) This is the youtube link Onesignal Push | Implements push notification in MIT App Inventor and Kodular | Sumit Kumar - YouTube .

Once it was a free extension but now it is being sold for price around 20 usd. I cannot afford to buy that now, so if some of you already have that newly developed/modified extension with you, please share the review and feedback. Thankyou..

It is very useful for the app that I am developing. Tnx.

Hello. By purchasing an extension, everyone is obliged not to make it public and not to give it away for free. The extension is paid and you can only purchase it by paying for it. So please don't post here with unethical requests.

The only person you can ask for a free extension or a price reduction is the author of the extension.

I don't know mit licence for extension. Sorry, I am a newbie here.

It's just like an artist made a record, and instead of buying the record, you ask whoever bought it to copy it and send you a copy.

It is not modified by actual developer. I don't know about mit licence. Il read.

The paid extension you are talking about is not a modification of the old extension, but a completely new extension with many new blocks. Using the newer onesignal library. The only thing they have in common with the old extension is that they serve the same purpose.

I don't know technically. Ok, wish to buy it soon. But, I expect review from some one who checked it.

Here is the topic on this community for that extension. The developer may respond if you have questions.

I found another similar extension which is available for 1 or 2 usd, I purchased it. Now testing it.

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You could provide a link, which may help others?

Extension Name: One Signal Push Notification
Link to Buy: http://deephost.in/aix=130
Price: Around 1 or 2 usd.
*One Time Payment but need to pay again to upgrade the latest edition. But, if we are satisfied with current edition, no need to pay again.

Wow, amazing.

Steps to implement:

  1. Download the .aia version of the extension and Open it using mit app inventor (or kodular, i didn't try in it) and enter email id and app id (app id is explained in given video How to Create OneSignal Push Notification API Key and Rest Key & How to Create Firebase Server Key - YouTube..). Thats all. Finished (Use the same email id everywhere ie, while you download and while you edit in mit as well.). Keep this as a main app without doing any further modifications and create a copy of it by 'save as' option. So we can edit/modify the new copy freely.

NOTE: a) The original one will be used to send push notifications by App owner. 2) The copied or duplicated one is for App users and we will modify the blocks into any desired app. We will delete all unwanted blocks from this duplicated one and add new blocks.


  1. Now, if you click the 'Blocks' section, you will be able to see the blocks.
    (Most probably you may not like most of the default block set ups. You can delete many blocks.)

  2. As a non programmer, with little analysis, I concluded that we need 1) First 3 blocks and 2) Last 2 blocks. Delete all other blocks.

  1. Enter the same email id and app id in respective blocks. Watch this video How to Create OneSignal Push Notification API Key and Rest Key & How to Create Firebase Server Key - YouTube.

  2. Now disable this specific block named 'permission' as shown in image.

  1. Now, add more blocks as you wish and create your desired app.

NOTE: a)You can control the push notification of the duplicated app with the original app. Because, the email id and app id of both app are same. You can eliminate unwanted blocks of the original one carefully.

For first three months from date of purchase, all updates are free to download

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@Patryk_F by watching the YouTube video i came to know that it's official channel of the extension developer @iamwsumit

Also there is same video link in the post

yes it's affordable

@vknow360 i too amazed