[Paid] InAppUpdate Extension : Download The Update From Inside Your App

[PAID] InAppUpdate Extension : Download The Update From Inside Your App


Now you can ask or force user to update your app from inside the app.

:green_square: Update Type


:purple_square: Check Update

Check is there any update available.

:purple_square: Start Update Flow

Launch the update flow with updateInfo parameter.

:purple_square: Install

Install Flexible update manually once the update is downloaded.


:arrow_forward: Demo Video

This demo video is recorded by @ShanmugaNathan2023. He is also a very happy user of this extension. Thanks @ShanmugaNathan2023 for your test :+1:

:spiral_notepad: Extension Specifications:

:floppy_disk: Size: 104 KB
:gear: Version: 2.0.1
:moneybag: Price: $15 USD
:warning: How to test: See here
:earth_asia: Released on: 05 November 2021 (GMT+06:00)
:earth_asia: Updated on: 27 March 2024 (GMT+06:00)
:credit_card: Payment methods: Direct Download | PayPal | Skrill | TransferWise (Wise) | Xoom | Airtm | Binance | Crypto | Pyypl | Payment by Card (:credit_card:) | UPI (:india:) | JazzCash (:pakistan:) | Bkash (:bangladesh:)


How about some screenshots (or a video) to see how it actually works?

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Can you also make a video demo about how to use it? For example, you compile the app and show us how to use it.

What is the use of StartTestUpdateFlow method?

For testing the integration, that I've used for demo video

Hi, where can I download and pay for your extension?

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Demo video uploaded now. Please the the main topic.

Payment information updated.