[Paid] Google Spreadsheets Extension - Free & Fastest Database {Script-Less} (7.0.1)

Feb 21
I Paid $52.99 for the speedster edition plus another $50 because I felt like I might be asking for more help than usual.

Feb 24
I got aia by email

feb 28th

Now I've been ghosted. no replies for a week.

I don't expect anyone here works for me, but if you offer your support for a price and I pay double, you could take a few minutes to share your knowledge.

5 minute of your time probably saves me 5 hours. my gratitude is green.


Community Mods are aware and working on this too


the extension does not work 100%, i send several whatsapp messages.
i paid 25$ make sure it works or fund back please.
Also on GITHUB there are no valid documentation and no scriptless working

You can do all/most of the works just by using mit app default spreadsheet component....

Hello dear @benoit_deguffroy, can you show your blocks? So I can findout your problems.

i removed the extension out of my project because i can't make a apk which i can use on other devices. Did you finished the video yet ?

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can you please explain how change cell value ? i can not make it work with addon i bought from you for 25 dollar

This extension is updated to V12.0.0, so please continue from this topic ↓