Own TinyWebDB 2020


I tried to set up an own Tiny Web DB service as described in the manual

following the steps from this video tutorial

but it was not easy to get all the outdated software used there - and finally google didnt accept it due no longer supported modules:

ERROR appcfg.py:2564 Application deployment failed. Message: Deployments using appcfg are no longer supported.

has anybody tried to set up a tiny web db since the original tools were expired?

It is much easier to setup a tinywebDB with php these days, some examples:

TinyWebDB Setup Tutorial - Diego Barreiro @ Makeroid

PHP (not Python) TinyWebDB construction - Juan Antonio

Your Own Secure php TinyWebDB

Please let me know if any of the links in this FAQ are outdated ...


perfect - and so easy :+1:

took the basic sample without encryption from Juan Antonio Villalpando:


just save the PHP code on your PHP capable webspace e.g. in 'tinywebdb.php' ascii file and set the full link to the PHP file in your app inventor TinyWebDB service url:

and you are set

after the first call the script builds a tinywebdb.htm in the same folder as data storage

guess the google / python 2.7 link has no more relevance:

Google forces users to Python 2.7 for their TinyWebDB instances

and also the 'official' tutorial:

I am sorry if this sounds irrelevant but is it possible to use Google Drive with AppInventor using TinyWebDB?

Yes, only restriction is the cell character limit of 50,000

TinyWebDB - Encrypted - on a Spreadsheet

(added to FAQ)

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