Output the reminder in text not only the sound, or in a recorded reminder with the sound

I want to make an alarm that I have also output the reminder in text not only the sound, I think it would be better to output a recorded text related to each specific reminder along with the sound.
Any idea, any clarification?

I would try the alarmmanager extension App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps together with the itoo extension Open Source • Background Tasks: Itoo 🚀 and a TextToSpeech Player component to speak the recorded text at alarm time


I already have the reminder alarm working even when the app is closed and it works fine.
Within this application I would like to add the ability to be able to tell it into the microphone why I chose to ring the alarm and when it rings, the text I dictated will also be heard.
I tried ways you suggested, but the device won't let me set it to work for security reasons, as it tells me in its message.
Inside this alarm that works even when the app is closed, what should I add to be able to hear the message I dictate for the time I want?

Show us a screenshot of the message and a screenshot of xour relevant blocks

And remember, if you are using a paid extension, never publish your project (aia file) in a public community


I would send a screen recording but the message is in Greek.
I'm using a free extension and the app has been built for a few weeks now

If you want help from an international community, then before taking a screenshot of your relevant blocks, switch the language to English

Well, it looks like you have to live with the limits of that extension you are using then


I do not understand your latest contribution...
What is the purpose of the second screenshot?
And why did you set the solution marker?
So what is the solution now?


Sorry about that but I saw that I can't get anything like this so I thought I'd post it as solved

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