[OUTDATED][Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application

@Anke Ok, thank you Anke.

after implementing ads on app , app is crashing error is showing app is keep sttoping

...and what "error" would it be?

Do note that the author of the extension hasn't visited the community for 4 months.

try adding the extra sdk extension

im getting this error when i click on the load ad button. App is on test mode.

As already mentioned, the extension is not updated.

yeah i know, but i actually repaired this bug. i turned off test mode, added on google play and everything is working!

So the extension only works after adding the app to google play?

yes, i think. in my case that worked

I have the same problem :disappointed: I tried it before it was working fine now it's not??

Just scroll down a bit and you'll find:

hi guys,
i am facing issue when trying to display Ad on my app.
If i tick the ''test mode'' app is working fine, as soon as tick off the test mode and try to see what Ad is showing, the event ''AdLoad'' keeps failing.
I ve set the button text to change if failed just to prove it.
any suggestion?


Is your application published into console?

hi Jewel,

not yet. would that work?

Did you also follow the steps that modify the manifest?

hi Patryk,

what do you mean? i ve inserted into the manifest my app ID.
in test mode everything is fine, if i download the app with out the tick on ''testMode'' it doesnt load the Ad. According to some previous comment it might happen as app is not published yet to any store. I will now try to release the app on Google play and see what happen.


my extension at Niotron compiled an .nix file... what's with that?

The GDPR consent form cannot be called.

It fails on load form.

Could you tell me how to assemble the correct blocks?

Ever since this error started occurring the app has started lagging but only on phones, on tablets it has the same message but doesn't lag. Also no ads are being shown. When in test mode it still makes the app lag on phones but does show the test ads