[OUTDATED][Free] Admob Extension - Add different types of AdMob ads in your application

Sim, eu fiz esse processo

is it possible to display the banner ad without the button?

Me ha salido este error y no he encontrado como solucionarlo, lo que he encontrado no me ha servido. Alguien sabe que hacer?

Error: invoke: no method named `InitializeSdk' in class java.lang.Boolean

Update extension not working

When I give blocks admob initialize SDK and when I turn app on the app crashes

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Please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks
To find out more about the runtime error, use Logcat


how can we use PurpleMango in the project?

Yes, this is possible.

provided admon extension not working please provide new one :pray: :pray: :pray:

Extention link not working

The link works. This is a problem with your local internet provider.

Stop spamming. The links are working, as I mentioned, the problem is on your side. Your ISP is probably blocking you from github.


not working
Error from Companion: make: no method named `' in class com.oseamiya.admobsdks.AdmobSdks

did you follow the Getting Started instructions from the first post?


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sory . now works

Buenas, ahora hay dos extensiones AdmobSdks y ExtraSdks, como se ponen para que coja las dos extensiones? Y en el AdmobSdks sale disabled, eea, not eea, cual hay que elegir?



How long will this admob extension be accepted by Google Play? Until August perhaps? @oseamiya Do you make an update for this admob extension? Thanks.

what i have done wrong?
AdmobTest.aia (5.3 MB)

An error occurred while running "bundletool build-apks" on the submitted Android App Bundle. Check that the package is valid. To do so, run this command locally and try again. Know more. Error: Found multiple elements for key 'com.google.android.gms.version', expected at most one.

plss help