Open images and information when clicking on the button

First of all, Hi, we want to add a feature to our app, if we want to add a message screen filled with information when clicking on the button, we want it to open, of course, we want things that we have added on that screen to come out.In short, we want to add cities to the screen and get information about the city when it is clicked on that city. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can you try to write the same message in your native language? Maybe I'll be clearer what you need.

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Do you want to do this using a Map? Try this Converting text to numbers that can be assigned to Marker SetLocation - #11 by SteveJG The example shows information about national parks and can easily be used to work with cities.

Perhaps something like this image

or do you want to do something else? If you want to do something else, please provide a more detailed description or an image showing what you hope to do.

Here is another tutorial that might be exactly what you want to do Map Tour

and yet another technique Compartir ubicaciomes ( Share locations ) - #3 by Diego_Lauda

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