Is it better to work with Google maps or with the component maps of appinventor?

Muchas gracias por su respuesta. He tardado en responder porque lo tenía un poco abandonado porque estaba de mudanza, pero ya vuelvo a ello.
Ahora tengo otra pregunta. ¿Es mejor trabajar con Google maps o con el componente mapas de appinventor? Gracias

Hola, puede averiguarlo preguntando a los expertos que dominan este tema aquí, puede obtener una respuesta instantánea abriendo un nuevo tema buen día :slight_smile:


To use Google Map tiles with App Inventor you can use the Google Static Map api and access that api using the WebViewer. The WebViewer allows you to use Google Map Tiles by constructing a specialized url. App Inventor does not have a component to use them.

To use the MIT Map components, you use OpenStreetMap ( OSM ) Tiles.

'Better' ... this is a personal opinion. In my view it is easier to use the Map component. AI2 has a component to access the OSM maps. You use a WebViewer and your own Block code to access Google. GoogleMapTiles are generally more detailed and accurate than the open sourced OSM tiles, however, both work well. Are you building a commercial app? In that case you might discover Google's api is more robust.

Try each of them and tell us which you prefer Diego?

Muchas gracias :sonrisa:

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favor :slight_smile:

You can also take a look at Google Maps on Kodular.

It seems to me that to use google maps you have to pay to get the API KEY.

@Stanley_Roman Good news, that is not true

Google lets you make 1000 API requests per key for free (beware, they keep changing their terms; however there is free usage) . Click “Select or create project” and create a project if you don't have one already and only want to look up the key. You are required to provide a Credit card; it needs to be on file, they don't charge unless you exceed the free requests. That is not paying to get the api key.

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And just in case you know what the cost is after that?

please click the already provide link in post #7 and look up pricing Stanley. It depends on how much data you will use.:slight_smile:

Right !!, I didn't see it, thank you very much.

I made an application using the App Inventor map and when uploading it to Google play I got an API compatibility problem: Landroid / graphics / Typeface; -> sSystemFontMap: Ljava / util / Map; So in a way, if you want the application you are making to be compatible with future versions of Android, it is necessary to work with google maps for now.

Note: I do not mean that the map does not work in the application (because it does) what happens is that if you want to avoid future problems it is better to use google maps for now.