Online chess game for multiplayers in APP INVENTOR

Hello; I would like to know if it is possible to make a Chess game and challenge friends online.
If it is possible; could you tell me some ways or solutions please?
Thank you

Non penso che Mit App Inventor, sia l'ambiente adatto.


Start with an online Chat app, like

Set up a board using text Unicode chess symbols like

Pick one of the standard computer chess notations

Be sure your emulator is recent enough to show Unicode.
Draggable starter blocks:
whiteKing whiteQueen


Hi! Im trying to make a chess game to a school project but i having some troubles about making the board and progamming de pieces.. nowhere talks about a chess game on mit app inventor.. can you help me? Its just a simple game where 2 players play on the same device

did you already search the old forum?
see here

where exactly do you need help? what did you try?


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

Here is a bare bones starter template you can build on.
It has no code for the rules of chess, and also lacks

  • piece promotion
  • castling
  • en passant
  • adjustment of List Picker Element colors to highlight white or black piece color

Be aware that the stock MIT emulator is not up to date enough to show the Unicode chess pieces. This demo was done on the MEMUPlay emulator.

The starting chess board:

chess_board.aia (11.6 KB)

Touched White Kings Pawn White Kings Pawn 4 selected
Selected pieces expand a little, to highlight them. Notice how the White Kings Pawn is bigger than the other pawns, to show that it will move to the next selected square.


global BIG global CANCEL global current_piece global SMALL when Screen1 Initialize

Have fun!

P.S. This could probably have been done better with buttons instead of List Pickers, since the Cancel option could have been done by a second Click on the originating square.


This may be a bit late for this thread, but I posted a working buttons-based version with CloudDB back end at

Don't be scared off by the intermittentCloudDb errors.

Thank you so much, this really helped me!

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