Notifier with selectable list or multiple buttons


Is it possible to have a Notifier with a selectable list or more then 2 buttons?

I current have the list on a Listpicker.

What I am trying to do.

I currently have 2 ListPickers (Player 1 Winner) and (Player 2 Winner)
I would like to make it 1 Button (Winner)

This section is what has me stuck

I have added the button (Winner)
Notification asking who won

Add point to the correct winner

Build Winning stats
The Player_1_Win.Selection can be anything it is currently set this was as I have the 2 ListPickers Player_1_Win and Playe_2_Win

Any ideas how I can convert the 1st section on Win?

If you have an idea or can point me in the direction that would be great.

Thank you

Use a spinner or listview ?

I have used a listview and spinner on other projects but how would I incorporate it into a procedures?

That is why I was looking for a notifier with multiple buttons would like it all done with 1 button.

Winner > Select Winning Player > Select How they won


Thank you


okay so I have been able to get it to work but it does not work all the times.

This will work the 1st time but will not work the 2nd time then it works and it doesn't. So it only work every other time.

What does not work is the selection of the spinner1

I have it set to visible false and then true as I do not want it shown on the interface

How do I resolve this?

Thank you

Set Spinner to visible (do not change this with blocks)
Set Spinner height and width to 1x1 pixels
Place spinner at the top of the screen

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